How much does a movie poster design cost?
Usually, the first question people ask me when they inquire about a project is how much it will cost. Unfortunately, I don't have a concrete number to give. Before I even begin to develop a range for a project I like to know the timeframe and deadline for the project, the assets available, and in general what your needs are. What I can say is that I've helped film-makers of all makes and models from short films to full-length features. If the deadline is not pressing I can even work with micro-budgets. It's no secret that the higher the provided budget the more designs I can give, the more choice you have, the more revisions we can do and the better the end product but I still try to accommodate to all budgets to bring great art to the table that represents the film effectively.

How long does it take to create a film poster one-sheet or movie cover?
I like to believe that compared to design agencies I have really good turn-around but I still prefer to have 1-2 weeks to develop first round comps. From there it's however fast we can work through the revision process - my initial comps are well developed so if there's one that works we can save time and money and go with that right away or we can keep working towards the design that best fits your needs.

What formats do you do art in?
I can produce full size 27x40 one sheet movie posters, blu-ray or dvd art, VOD art and can also design dvd wraps, sell-sheets, web banners and other marketing collateral as add-on items for a poster or cover design project. If you are unsure what format you need the final design to be in I give you the design in a medium/larger format.

Do you produce the title treatment and billing block?
Absolutely, I produce everything that commonly goes on a film poster so I can hand over a full developed piece to use in your marketing campaign.

Do you hand over all art files?
I supply you with a layered psd file as well as the used fonts so that you have the option to edit the poster in the future.